WilGrip Development

With years of experience testing materials in the field, WilGrip founder and CEO Devon Wilson figured there had to be a way to reduce the various hand, wrist, shoulder and back problems he frequently suffered as a result of lifting heavy loads every day.

He began simply - by taping a section of garden hose around different bucket wire bails. Through trial and error in real world situations, the WilGrip handle gradually evolved until, after two years and more than 12 different design iterations, Mr. Wilson had finally found a solution – a durable, easy-to-use, highly adaptable ergonomic handle that makes lifting and carrying heavy buckets safer and more comfortable.

Devon’s hands, wrists, neck and back have never felt better since he introduced the WilGrip handle into his work on site. Now he wants to share his solution with everyone in heavy industries.

Hands are precious things in this line of work. It’s time we started to protect them.

What is WilGrip?

WilGrip is an aftermarket ergonomic bucket handle. Made of polypropylene via an injection moulding process, WilGrip handles are comfortable but also firm and durable.

Designed primarily to work with common 5-gallon polyethylene buckets and rubber mason pails, WilGrip can also attach to any wire or rope bail handle with a diameter of ¼” or less.

WilGrip’s patented slide-lock means it can be attached and removed in seconds - even while wearing work gloves. The proprietary internal channel was designed to accommodate both flat and arched bucket handles, ensuring a consistent, secure fit.

WilGrip Benefits

By spreading the load over a larger surface area of the hand, WilGrip makes lifting and hauling heavy loads easier, safer and more comfortable. By reducing the physical demands of lifting, WilGrip limits the impact of repetitive motion and strain related injuries in the field such as Stenosing Tenosynovitis (Trigger Finger), Tendonitis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and generalized muscle soreness.

By easing the pressure put on hands through repetitive motion, WilGrip reduces contact stress by over 208.5% over standard bucket handles.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that hand, wrist and shoulder injuries related to lifting, repetitive action and exertion have a significant negative impact on the construction industry. For example, in 2011 alone, workers lost over 24,000 workdays due to overexertion. In addition, workers who sustained injuries from repetitive motion or “micro tasks” required a median of 23 days away from work – nearly 3 times the average for all injuries.

Instructions to use WilGrip
The WilGrip ergonomic handle is simple to use
To attach to a bucket handle:
  1. Place the bottom half of the WilGrip handle under the bucket handle and put the wire (or rope) bail into WilGrip’s curved, internal channel.
  2. Connect the top half by placing it over the bucket handle and into the bottom half. Make sure the “lock” icon on the top half is offset from the end of the bottom half by approximately a half inch.
  3. Slide the top half in the direction of the “lock” icon to finish installation.

To unlock the handle, slide the top half in the direction of the "unlock" icon and then separate.

Tips & Tricks

The WilGrip handle is both reliable and functional with many hidden features. To get the best use out of your WilGrip, we have supplied a growing list that will help you utilize your handle

  • If the bucket bail has an existing handle, safely remove it or simply slide it out of the way.
  • If you’re using a mason pail and don’t want WilGrip to slide up and down on the bail, wrap a small piece of tape around the wire bail, attach WilGrip overtop.
  • Beware pinch points -Different buckets have different bail-to-rim clearances. Avoid finger pinch points when tilting or pouring out your bucket.

If you have any tips or tricks, please send them to us! or tell us about them on our Facebook page.

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