WilGrip Testimonials
  • Recently, I was a member of a team of approximately 10 adults and 25 students on a humanitarian trip to build homes in Tijuana Mexico.  Hardly any of us had any experience in construction, and we did not use any electronic tools in the construction of each house.  We utilized Wilgrips thorough construction of the house, but especially during ‘cement day’ and they made a tremendous difference to our team!  Wilgrips are simple to use, easy on the hands, and allowed for all of us to carry more dirt and rock per bucket.  They increased our productivity and eliminated raw hands at the end of the day.  All of the team are now big fans of Wilgrips and they will be added to our tool box on all future trips.  

    Todd Mackay - Humanitarian Team Leader
  • My crew and I develop and renovate homes. We are always using conventional buckets for building materials and carrying tools. We definitely found the handle a lot easier to carry heavier loads and much easier on the hands and wrists. I will not carry another bucket without one of these grips again. Something as small as a handle makes a huge difference in our line of work.

    Dallas Crist - President of Paramount Projects
  • Handle works great, meaty and comfy! Everyone on the crew loves them and fights for the buckets that have them.

    Jay L. - Site Supervisor

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    With years of experience testing materials in the field, WilGrip founder and CEO Devon Wilson figured there had to be a way to reduce the various hand, wrist, shoulder and back problems he frequently suffered as a result of lifting heavy loads every day. WilGrip was the answer.
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    WilGrip is an aftermarket ergonomic bucket handle. WilGrip handles are comfortable but also firm and durable, often out-lasting the buckets they are attached to. Designed primarily to work with common 5-gallon polyethylene buckets and rubber mason pails, WilGrip can also attach to any wire or rope bail handle with a diameter of ¼” or less. Use in construction, farming, landscaping, renovating, painting, and so much more.
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    By spreading the load over a larger surface area of the hand, WilGrip makes lifting and hauling heavy loads easier, safer and more comfortable. By reducing the physical demands of lifting, WilGrip limits the impact of repetitive motion and strain related injuries in the field such as Stenosing Tenosynovitis (Trigger Finger), Tendonitis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and generalized muscle soreness. Our study by US Ergonomics shows the massive impact WilGrip offers.
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    Industry's only engineered control for reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injury associated with manually lifting and handling loads. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that hand, wrist and shoulder injuries related to lifting, repetitive action and exertion have a significant negative impact on the construction industry. For example, in 2011 alone, workers lost over 24,000 workdays due to overexertion. In addition, workers who sustained injuries from repetitive motion or “micro tasks” required a median of 23 days away from work – nearly 3 times the average for all injuries.
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